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Swiss Made Tailored Travel

Travel Alchemists

Craftsman voyages, fashion prints; geographically we have a different vision for tailor made travels. If we organise high quality trips, our definition of luxury is not only the possession of an expensive object but a personal experience which is rewarding in single moments.

We organise trips in ASIA, AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA and EUROPE. To succumb to urban pleasures and promises of an intimate and different stay, Vickyh proposes a selection of boutique hotels, romantic getaways, cultural rendez-vous and unusual journeys. We promote a way of traveling that is different, mindful and engaging. You are not greeted by salesmen but by special travel agents who have the ability to surround themselves with pertinent partners who share our attitude Our specialists are on a quest to find the rare pearl in the four corners of the world. Traversing the globe, they are attempting to find the hidden treasures, a mythical halt, stolen trails, the restaurant in which we eat so marvelously, a confidential retreat, astonishing contacts…

Our desire is to leave nothing to chance by offering you an excellent service whilst constantly reviewing the requirements that we set.