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SEPTEMBER // Netherlands : Scheveningen Kite Festival / Agen : Festival du pruneau d’Agen / Venice : Burrano Regatta / New-Zealand : 42 Below World cup Cocktail / Mexico : Mariachi Charreria Festival / Sevilla : International Music Festival / Germany : Munich Beer Festival / Birma : Inlé Lake : Pagode Phaung Daw Oo Festival and boat races / Canada : Jazz at Rimouski / Chile : Fiestas Patrias, 11th September / China : Zhongqiujie Festival / Cyprus : Wine festival in Limassol / Croatia : Horse games (Moreöka) XVI century in Korula / Ecuador : Fiesta del Yamor / France : Les journées du Patrimoine / India : Ganesh Chaturti  / Arezzo: giocchi del Sarrazin  / Venice : Historical regatta / Mauritius : Fête du Bienheureux Jacques Désiré Laval / Mexico : Independance day celebration / Nepal : Dasain / Thailand : Polo Eléphant competition – Hua Hin / Tombstone (Arizona) : Gunfighters rendez-vous / New York : Brooklyn Carnival / Paris : Salon Maison et Objet / Florence : Salon Pitti / London : 100% Design OCTOBER // Argentina : Columbus Day / Birma : Light celebration / Belgium : Fête des Hurlus à Mouscron / Canada: Art by the Falls / London : Trafalgar Day Parade / Budapest : Supermarathon Vienne–Budapest / Inde : Deepavali / Israël : Yom Kippour / Kenya: Moi Day & Kenyatta Day / Laos : Bun Nam, Fête des Eaux / Malte : Festival mediterranea  / Maroc: Aid El -Fitr (ou Aïd el-Seghir) et fête des Dattes à Erfoud / Mexique : Festivals d’octobre – Guadalajara / Namibie : Omaruru / Pérou : Procession du “Señor de los Milagros” / Pologne : Festival international de Jazz / Floride : Carnaval de Miami / Halloween , Une des fêtes les plus populaires / Albuquerque : le plus grand meeting mondial de montgolfières / San Francisco: The Castro Street Fair / Courtrais : Salon Interieur      NOVEMBER // Tasmanie : Mark Webber Pure Tasmania / Thailande : Buriram Boat races / Cambodge : Phnom Penh – Bon Om Touk, Fête du renversement des Eaux / Danemark : Copenhague – Grande Parade de Noël / Guatemala : Fête des Morts (Todos los Santos) et Santiago Sacatepequez / Inde : Foire aux chameaux de Pushkar / Varanasi (Bénares)- Festival du Gange , des milliers de pèlerins / Laos : Vientiane – Festival de la Pleine Lune / Mexique : La Fête des Morts / Amsterdam – Passage de Saint-Nicolas / Pérou : Fête de l’Empire inca à Puno / Thaïlande : Fête des Éléphants à Surin et Fête des singes / Tibet : Festival des lampes / Hawaii – Festival de danse Hula / USA : Thanksgiving / Vietnam : Fête OOk-om-boc

Journey through China

We know Beijing ; Shanghai ; Xian ; Hangzhou ; Guilin … But it is not China at its end! There is still an entire country to discover and explore. We take our time to cross China and reach the Himalaya. A fulfilling journey spent by train or by car. Captivating sceneries unfold before your eyes, from town to town, from village to village, a constant crescendo in a mysterious country.

We love : Banyan Tree Lijiang


We go blindfolded because even with closed eyes, you feel transported into a parallel world. Nothing like the valley of Bagan temples and the Schwedagon of Yangon will trigger such powerful and new sensations. We cherish Burma, yet aware of its complexities.

We love : The Governors

Rajasthan with the kids

India…we’ve been there, lived there, loved it and cherished it. A vast, mystic and entrancing country. The exhilarating fragrance of jasmine and rose; the shimmering saris; the scents of spices keyed up all our senses. Whether you are in search of spirituality, knowledge or pleasure, India offers the best of itself.

We love : Devigarh


After an exciting safari in Eastern or Southern Africa or simply for relaxing vacation, Mozambique is a destination of fine sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters. In the North or in the South, it offers paradisaical Islands that belong to the best dive sites in the world.

We love : Azura


An archipelago of legendary beauty. The Seychelles are composed of 115 paradise-like islands. Various hotels or resorts offer intimacy on a private island or sporting activities and culture on one of the two main islands.

We love : North Island

South Africa

Outside of the great reserves, a carpet of millions of flowers spreads in November over the mountains along the Garden Route. Enjoy as well the southern spring on the streets of Cape Town or in the world famous vineyards of the region.

We love : Royal Malawane


For a few years now, a small colony of Magellan’s penguins settled on the shores of Estancia El Pedral. Feel the privilege to observe the Penguin’s camp from the only private beach host of Estancia El Pedral. It is best to visit in the month of September and March. This attraction is added to the exclusive observation of whales, sea lions and elephant seal by a zodiac boat, from the beach of El Pedral.

We love : El Pedral


The origin of the Magdalena River. Nestled between the Cordillera Central and the Cordillera Oriental, known a sacred place to worship dating back from the 7th century BC. Also chosen by the people of “sculptors” as a ceremonial center. Overlooking the valley river of Magdalena, Caqueta and Patia respectively flowing in the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. This place became the symbol of life on the continent hosting the sources of three seas bordering the South America. More than 300 statures are grouped into various sites in this region more or less accessible. We love : The Strand Yangon


Fundacion Pablo Atchugarry. In the beautiful property of the Uruguayan coast, the museum Fundacion Pablo Atchugarry, host many international artists as well as masterpieces of the famous Uruguayan sculptor which you may have the opportunity to meet during your visit. We love : El Chorro


Let us bring you in an other Florence. The Salviatino, a building from the 15th century, is located in Fiesole, the hill of the city. The hotel kept its charm and authenticity of the 15th century with small subtle references to modernity. The rooms with garden and Dome’s view have to be experienced. The view from the terrace above the town at sunset is unforgettable. The Dome and the rooftops of Florence shimmer in yellow and purple. You just can’t get enough of it !

We love : Il Salviatino


A fantastic flight…. Who has never dreamed of flying high to admire the spacious landscapes? Our proposal is to experience this in Canada and not in Africa. Imagine flying over endless pine and cedar forests or the Arctic Ocean in Alaska and feeling the excitement of being a witness of a unique spectacle, whose secret is only known by nature. A pilot and a private plane are available to discover the wealth of this country. Adventurers can travel in winter and use hydra ski on the ice to encounter the Inuit or to follow polar bear’s footsteps. For nature lovers we recommend also to fly over British Columbia and then move further down to meet orcas and grizzlies. Canada’s diversity allows you to dream…. sky has no limits what will amaze you again and again.

We love : Nimmobay


As an ideal alternative to bustling Dubai, Oman opens new dimensions for cultural attractions. In addition it offers bays (Zighy Bays), you can spend a night in the desert or visit the Mosque of Muscat.

We love : Jabal AkDhar

Be Good to Yourself


Or just BE… It goes without saying that offers abound when it comes to the search for one’s senses. The current epoch calls for a real need to go back to oneself, as well as a tendency for a cultivation of both body and soul. We wanted to go beyond a selection of unique spa centres  the planet has to offer, and to give the responsibility over this selection to experts on the subject. A state of the art list of unique addresses focusing on well being, letting go and treatment, is what we aimed for.

YOGA : Whether you are a yoga addict or a novice, willing to discover practices such as pranayama or meditation, or rather to immerse yourself for a few days in the holistic universe of an âshram in the heart of India, we offer bespoke advice tailored to your needs and desires of the moment.

TRADITIONS: We provide you with access to treatments, therapies and ancestral medicine such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, traditional spa treatments in specialized institutes or Burman rituals aiming at healing the mind and body in their entirety.

SPAS & CO: We have carefully selected the most beautiful Spas on the planet, where magic and exhilaration fill the air, and whose exquisite treatments  demonstrate the highest standards when it comes to quality and variety. All in all, unique coves dedicated to the well being of your body and soul and ensuring moments of ultimate relaxation.

WALK IN PEACE: Journey principally on foot. Himalayan trekking, adventures across the  Mongolian tundra, lower and middle altitude trips across our Alps, all accompanied by experts.



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