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Swiss Made Tailored Travel


At Vickyh our know-how translates into meticulous and deserving service. Our expert work means an ever-striving desire to deliver as close as possible to your demands and needs. 

Like the secret behind a blooming flower’s subtle smell, our attention to detail translates into the intense implication we invest into our clients’ vase and groundwork. When nothing is left to coincidence in the preparation of a trip, that’s when we consider our work done, while you experience the unique nonchalance crystallized in the ability to worry only about coming home with exhilarating images and breathtaking souvenirs to share. From tickets to insurance by way of our perfectly crafted journey planning, we take care of everything, starting with you.

Network of experts

Our network of experts has enabled us to weave a family of professionals throughout the globe. This network enables us to remove the “tourisitc trails” and discover the interior of the country.

Fast Track, visa express, upgrade…
To make a visa as soon as possible, to have accelerated restriciton to bord, an upgrade in hotels – these are some advantages that our network offers our clients.