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Vickyh & ChildSafe

Vickyh destinations proudly supports the ChildSafe Network, a Friends-International Initiative for the protection of children.

This humanitarian organisation work to reduce child exploitation and trafficking opportunities. Together, we protect children from all forms of abuse. The ChildSafe Network involves businesses, especially tourist service providers, government agencies, non-profit organisations and individuals – including travelers – to actively protect urban children and youth.

We encourage everyone to look at how their behavior can impact the lives of children. As part of being responsible travelers, together, we can help create supportive environments where children are protected.

To become a ChildSafe traveler, please visit


We are aware

We choose to travel whilst respecting the cultures and ways of life of the Countries we visit.We are aware of our human responsibilities and we try hard to promote an attitude of dialogue and respect wherever possible.

Aware of our economic responsibilities, we try hard to participate in the development of Countries or regions that we visit without breaking fragile local equilibrium.This ethical awareness extends to our partners worldwide so that the trip remains an art of discovery.

By contributing to changes of behaviour we move towards a new form of society and culture based on lasting development.Environmental awareness and social and economic commitment bring about a positive investment for the long term.

Become aware and make others aware that acts have consequences therefore it is necessary to reflect on ones acts.

Become aware and make others aware “that it is necessary to give sense of progress“, that progress is synonymous with generosity and solidarity.

Become aware and make others aware that respect for others is vital to the survival of humanity and the planet.

To be aware that we each have a major role in the building of this society and should exploit our reasponsability in a positive manner.

Whether it be tailor-made travel, cultural circuits, cruises, or sports holidays we will create your dream holiday specified to your individual desires and needs.

We will

• Know the country of destination.
• Choose and control the chosen accommodation regularly.
• Eliminate accommodation that does not respect our selected criteria.
• Regularly undertake quality controls.
• Find French or English language assistance if requested or required.
• Use international airlines that respect airline convention contracts.
• Ensure travel in secure conditions

We guarantee:

Before departure
You will be directly informed of useful and practical information on your country of destination (vaccines, currency, accommodations, visas)..
During your trip
In the case of unannounced modifications, vickyh destinations will offer a solution in the shortest possible time for short stays and of 48 h for longer stays. Be present in the country in every possible way (delegation of local tour operator or representatives, for informing, recommending and problem solving).

Feedback service 
Offer equitable solutions to all claims within 4 weeks
Participate in lasting economic development
Respect for the environment, culture and heritage of the country.