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Confidentiality & Fees

VICKYH DESTINATIONS S.A. applies a strict policy on the protection of personal information. All personal information data is used exclusively by Vickyh destinations and respects the protection policy on personal information. At any given time, you may ask Vickyh destinations to remove your personal data.


Fees per person per ticket Sfr
On the global price (minimum of 75.- and a maximum of 750.-) 10%
Kids under twelve free
In case of cancellation (does not includes the airline fees) 100.-
Modification of the booking (after issuing and not includes the airline fees) 100.-
Tickets booking with air-miles 100.-
Trains or Ferry 50.-


Visas (does not includes embassy fees) 50.-
Car 150.-
Boat 250.-
Villa 300.-
Management of the wedding list «ABOUT LOVE» from 500.-
Management of the "gift" list from 200.-
Agency fees (per file) 150.-


File Fees
Tailor made week travel offer from 300.- to 500.-
Tailor made week end offer 200.-
«ONCE by Vickyh» offer 500.-

* The amount paid for the offer is directly deducted from your final statement in case of acceptation.
** A down payment of 30 % will be charged once you accepted the offer and according to the general conditions mentioned in it. 3% will be added if you decide to pay by any major credit card.