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JUNE // Spain : Sonar festival / Verona : Arènes di Verona / Glastonbury : Glastonbury Festival / Vienna : Vienna Jazz Festival / Venice : Biennale Venezia / Peruvian Inti Raymi Festival / Finland : Savollina Opera Festival / Berlin : Christopher Street Day Parade / Bolivia : Winter solstice in Tiahuanaco / Danemark : Viking Festival at Frederiksund /Ecuador : St Jean celebration / Paris : Fête de la Musique / Saint-Rémy de Provence : Fête de la Transhumance / Nîmes : Feria de la Pentecôte / London: Trooping the Colours et Covent Garden Flower Festival / Budapest : Carnaval du Danube & Rencontres Culturelles / Florence: Scoppio del Carro / Morocco : Moussem de Goulimine in Asrir and Essaouira festival / Warsaw & Cracovie : Mozart Festival and Jewish festival / Sweden : Summer celebration and Saint-Jean + Rock festival Hultsfred / New York: Puerto Rican Day Parade and Gay Pride Day / San Francisco Gay Pride JULY // London : Proms London / Glyndbourne : Opera Festival / Salzburg : Festival / Ombria : Umbria Jazz / Avignon : Festival d’Avignon / Aix en Provence : Festival d’Aix / Norway : Molde Jazz Festival and Victoria Jazz Festival / Vienna : Vienna Jazz Festival / Japan : Kyoto : Festival of Gion Matsuri / Kenya : Wilderbeast migration / Barcelona : Benicassim / Belgium, Gent : Gentse Feesten / Arles : Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles / Ladakh : Mela Hemis Gompha / UK, Sussex : Goodwood festival of speed / Zanzibar : Dhows Festival  / Antigua : Carnaval / Berlin : Love Parade / Boston : Sail Boston over 150 boats in the harbour / Cody : Cody Stampede, most famous Rodeo & Pecos: West of the Pecos Rodeo, the oldest Rodeo / San Francisco: Waterfront festival AUGUST // India : Ganesh Chaturi Festival / Chicago: Lollapalooza festival / Edinburgh : Fringe Festival / Japan : Motoyasu River Peace Ceremony / Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles / Marciac : Jazz à Marciac / Bolivia : Celebration of Copacabana virgin in La Paz / Finland : Helsinki Festival / London :  Notting Hill Carnival / Greece : Tinos pilgrimage and Epidaure Festival / Budapest : Opéra and Ballet Festival + Jewish Art summer show / Dublin : Annual Horse parade and show in Dublin & Puck fair – Killorglin / Luxembourg : Festival de théâtre et de musique en plein air in Wiltz / Kenya : Maulidi Festival in Lamu / Mexico : Assomption and Cuauhtémoc / Namibia : Maherero – Okahandja / Nepal :Krishnastami, birth celebration of Krishna / Norway : Fishermens festival in Söderhamn / Netherlands : Windmill day / Peru : Santa Rosa celebration in Lima / Portugal : Gualterianas celebration in Guimaraès / Tibet : Golden star festival and ritual purification baths in the rivers / Turkey : Izmir international trade show / Memphis : Elvis Week / Greenwich Village Jazz Festival – New York


We know Bali by heart. It has changed, but we still go back because we love getting pampered. Be good to yourself! Immerse yourself into nature and give yourself a real break. No sunburns, no alcohol, no fats… get started with a yoga at dawn and finish the day with a gentle Balinese massage at dusk… you’ll come back renewed, we guarantee it.

We love : Ubud Como Shambala


For the passionate of rain forests, animals (such as the orangutan) and marine life, Borneo offers a surprising variety of flora and fauna. This is probably the only country in Southeast Asia offering a kaleidoscope of colors inland and underwater. As adventurers with or without children, Borneo is promising.

We love : Kudat Riviera

Indonesia, Komodo Islands

Escape through the Indonesian archipelago? On a craze, we set sail into the wilderness of Indonesia and hunt down the traces of the famous Komodo dragon. The legend enchants us and unites us as picturesque scenery unfolds before our eyes.

We love : Aman Cruise


Outside the Western holiday season, this month is ideal for safaris in Botswana. The climate is perfect with its warm temperatures during the days and fresher nights. In addition, the fauna is dense in the dry season, what makes the safaris even more beautiful. The Okavango Delta, which is filled with water from Angola, is an indispensable natural wonder.

We love : Vumbura Plains


Wild country and overwhelming nature reserves. Discover Tanzania’s magnificent landscapes. Whether you are a family or couple, lose yourself in the endless scenery and wild fauna, that remains an unforgettable experience.

We love : Singita Grumeti


There is not only the Masai Mara in Kenya, however you shouldn’t miss the thousands of wildebeests crossing the Mara River in August. Thereafter take off to the private reserves to escape the tourist hordes, and enjoy the bush by yourself.

We love : Mahali Mzuri


Kingdom of Ticunas. The territory of Ticunas Indians stretches out from Bresil, Peru to Colombia. Convicted to their tradition lying in wealthy natural resources, they are constantly fighting against gold diggers, loggers and other developers. If the great Amazon River will serve them as their main access road, the indigenous communities living in autarky in the heart of the Amazonian forest. A fully emotional trip in the center of our planet’s lung.

We love : Hotel Agua


Chachapoyas Civilisation. Back to the 8th Century, discover the immensity and influence of the Chachapoyas culture in the North of Peru. The Chachapoyas built great sarcophagi in caves on the core of deep canyons, tribute to their illustrious dead.These spots are rare, difficult to access and filled with incredible energy. Have a profound adventure off the beaten track with our best and experienced guides.

We love : Hotel El Convento Cusco


The name was given by the navigator who discovered the island. Giant turtle carapace reminded him of the Spanish saddle called “galapago”… This archipelago, declared National Reserve, offers breathtaking sceneries embraced by nature lovers. A wide array of cruises sail around the islands. Those who prefer to sleep in hotels can still sail during the day.


An inevitable destination for nature lovers looking for variety. Imagine walking at the foot of Eyjafjallajökull or in view of the largest waterfall of Europe, passing the fjords in the West to finally arrive at a black sand beach, overflown by puffin. Iceland stays true to its reputation as the land of ice and fire.

We love : Ion


Tavernia Piperia…A charming tavern in the heart of a typical Cretan village located on the hill of Makrigialos. The tavern cannot be outbid in simplicity but still you feel its magic already while you cross the village’s white walls, feel a little breeze and see the residents at the windows. Be there one hour before sunset, so you can enjoy the viewe.

We love : Elounda Mare


Norway’s image remains true. Majestic fjords, pristine nature and Lofoten Islands famous for its biodiversity, which are unique in Europe. From time to time, you will come across red and white houses, that were left by the ancestors of the fishermen. The routes in Norway offer you at any time a spectacle on discovering a fjord, a waterfall or the arrival in a picturesque village.

We love : Juvet

Be Good to Yourself


Or just BE… It goes without saying that offers abound when it comes to the search for one’s senses. The current epoch calls for a real need to go back to oneself, as well as a tendency for a cultivation of both body and soul. We wanted to go beyond a selection of unique spa centers  the planet has to offer, and to give the responsibility over this selection to experts on the subject. A state of the art list of unique addresses focusing on well being, letting go and treatment, is what we aimed for.

YOGA : Whether you are a yoga addict or a novice, willing to discover practices such as pranayama or meditation, or rather to immerse yourself for a few days in the holistic universe of an ashram in the heart of India, we offer bespoke advice tailored to your needs and desires of the moment.

TRADITIONS: We provide you with access to treatments, therapies and ancestral medicine such as Ayurveda, chinese medicine, traditional spa treatments in specialized institutes or Burman rituals aiming at healing the mind and body in their entirety.

SPAS & CO: We have carefully selected the most beautiful Spas on the planet, where magic and exhilaration fill the air, and whose exquisite treatments  demonstrate the highest standards when it comes to quality and variety. All in all, unique coves dedicated to the well being of your body and soul and ensuring moments of ultimate relaxation.

WALK IN PEACE: Journey principally on foot. Himalayan trekking, adventures across the  Mongolian tundra, lower and middle altitude trips across our Alps, all accompanied by experts.



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