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MARCH // India : Jaipur elephant trade / Canada : Vancouver return of the wales / Ecuador : Holy weeks in the Andes / Spain : Holy week in Sevilla + Los FALLAS in Valencia, 4 days / France : Open doors in the Médoc Castles /London: Cambridge vs Oxford / Iran : New Year celebration (Norouz plus Cizdebédar) / Irland : Saint Patrick Festival / Japan : Puppets celebration / Netherlands : Flower festival / Peru : Wine festival in Ica / Sri Lanka : Pilgrimage season in Sri Pada / Thaïland : Kite festival in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan / New York : Saint Patrick’s Day + Easter Parade APRIL // Milan : salone del mobile / Shangai : Int tea culture festival / Copenhagen : Queen’s birthday celebration / Greece : Easter celebrations / India : Trichur, Rama festival / Italy : Venise : Saint-Marc celebration and Calendimaggio / Mexico : La Feria de San Marcos / Nepal : New Year celebration in Bhadgaon and Bhaktapur / Peru : Holy week – Ayacucho / Russia : Spring musical – Saint-petersburg / San Francisco: Festival Cherry Blossom  MAY// Ste-Marie de la Mer : Pelerinage des Gitans / Belgium : Shrimp festival in Oosduinkerke / Bolivia : Gram Poder in La Paz / Canada : Manif d’art – Québec and Elektra / Aubrac : Cow parade / Italy: Palio-San Secondo – Asti and Sagra di San Nicola – Bari / Japan Shizuoka : Kite battles in Hamamatsu and Honshu : Samouraï Festival of Toshogu / Moroccco:  Roses festival in El Kelaa Des Mgouna and ancient music festival in Fes / Portugal : Fatima : Pilgrimage for Fatima / Tibet : Sakyamuni awaking and death celebrations / New York : Cuban Parade / San Francisco : San Francisco Carnival / Indianapolis : Indianapolis 500 Festival / Vietnam : Elephant races


Japan is haven for trendsetters, for those who love modern art and for those who seek to balance the Yin and Yang. We love Tokyo and its urban-electric universe, vibrating and sparkling. We also like to laze around in the ancient capital imperial, Kyoto, home of arts and geisha, tea and ikebana. We find refuge in Naoshima.

We love : Aman Tokyo


Northern Vietnam captivates us like a blessed fate. There is no better place to go astray under the sun-kissed rice fields, fresh air of bamboo hedges and tropical jungle. A clear picture of eternal Asia miraculously preserved, intact, simple and somewhat rustic. It is Asia like nowhere else.

We love : Con Dao


From Ladakh to Zanskar, the lunar Mustang, the Dolpo, the Tibetan plateau or on the edge of Nepal… A once in a lifetime trip! Our specialized guides take you off the beaten track to a profound human experience where there are no boundaries. A journey built around you, your desires and your willingness to challenge yourself.

We love : Uma Punakha


Namibia is a unique African destination due to its diverse regions. A safari in Namibia offers an unforgettable experience, which you will not find on any other itinerary through Africa. What makes a Safari experience in Namibia unique? Visual uniqueness…

We love : Wolwedans Boulders


 Recovery and discovery of a multi colour culture. Mauritius offers more than white-sand beaches, turquoise blue and warm lagoons. It is an island where cultures encounter each other and joyfully mingle and give their smile and exceptional service to visitors.

We love : LUX Le Morne


The hidden pearl of safaris. Zambia’s untouched nature is the true definition of wild Africa. This destination is a must for all Safari lovers who are looking for authenticity, simplicity and adventure.

We love : Royal Livingstone


San Pedro, Atacama, the most arid desert in the world. At 2000m altitude is found San Pedro of Atacama, tower above by volcanic peaks over 6000m. For thousand of years, the oasis was traveler’s stop over to drink, eat, and revitalize after a long legs crossed in the great desert of Northern Chili. It is in an old plot, surrounded by walls full of history. Sheltered shepherds and muleteers, for centuries. Houses built by stones, woods and soil in the aim of a long lasting host to those privileged travelers coming to discover the beauty of Atacama Desert.

We love : Tierra Patagonia


The world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni. A vastness of 12’500 km2 of salt at approximately 4000m altitude. We invite you to discover an out of the beaten track experience, sleeping in a vintage camping car with an exclusive guide and a cook. Uyuni is combined with the Atacama Desert in Chili, Salta and La Puna in Argentina or Titicaca Lake and the Machu Picchu in Peru.


Home to the Ouakari monkeys. A bald, red face and thick orange fur monkey. The species in now endangered mainly due to deforestation and poaching. Their low reproductive rate is not conducive to their survival. Scientists are mobilizing to establish protected areas. Understanding the behaviour and lifestyles of ouakaris will enable a better protection of them. The reserve is a paradise for bird and wildlife watchers.


The spice markets in the heart of Amman give you a taste of the diversity of the country. The road of Kings brings you high on Mount Nebo and to Kerak, the castle of the crusaders, but also through the labyrinth of the eternal pink city to end the day with a shimmering purple sunset which flows over the mountains of the desert of Wadi Rum.

We love : Evason Six Senses Ma’in


March is the ideal month to escape cold European winter and to travel to mild Morocco. A romantic dinner in the middle of the dunes, relaxing by the swimming pool or strolling through the Souks and bargaining while being enclosed by intense scents from far away.

We love :Ksar Char Bagh


 The restaurant 360 wonderfully envisions the modernity of Istanbul. On the highest floor of the building near the Taksim Square you will dine at a very frequented place in the city. In the design bar on the terrace, DJ’s and bands play throughout the evening. Therefore blue Moshe and Saint Sophia must be postponed.

We love: House Hotel

Be Good to Yourself


Or just BE… It goes without saying that offers abound when it comes to the search for one’s senses. The current epoch calls for a real need to go back to oneself, as well as a tendency for a cultivation of both body and soul. We wanted to go beyond a selection of unique spa centers  the planet has to offer, and to give the responsibility over this selection to experts on the subject. A state of the art list of unique addresses focusing on well being, letting go and treatment, is what we aimed for.

YOGA : Whether you are a yoga addict or a novice, willing to discover practices such as pranayama or meditation, or rather to immerse yourself for a few days in the holistic universe of an âshram in the heart of India, we offer bespoke advice tailored to your needs and desires of the moment.

TRADITIONS: We provide you with access to treatments, therapies and ancestral medicine such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, traditional spa treatments in specialized institutes or Burman rituals aiming at healing the mind and body in their entirety.

SPAS & CO: We have carefully selected the most beautiful Spas on the planet, where magic and exhilaration fill the air, and whose exquisite treatments  demonstrate the highest standards when it comes to quality and variety. All in all, unique coves dedicated to the well being of your body and soul and ensuring moments of ultimate relaxation.

WALK IN PEACE: Journey principally on foot. Himalayan trekking, adventures across the  Mongolian tundra, lower and middle altitude trips across our Alps, all accompanied by experts.


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